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Are you planning to enroll at a reputable medical training center in Atlanta, GA? Call Proactive Medical Training Center. We are a state-approved institution by the Georgia Medical Care Foundation, authorized to provide nurse aide training in the state of Georgia. We also have courses for aspiring patient care technicians.


Genuine Concern and Compassion

Our medical training programs began when our Executive Program Coordinator Patience Jackson, LPN worked as a nurse. She saw the need for competent and well-trained professionals in the health care field. She wanted young and old men and women to have the opportunity to begin their careers and get further education in the health care industry with the proper instruction. She established the institution on February 12, 2011.

Mission Statement

Proactive Medical Training Center aims to provide allied health education programs that are responsive to the diverse needs of students and communities that will lead to careers in the allied health field.

Achieve Your Goals

Do you want to help people who need medical attention? Register at our training center to acquire all the learning and skills you need to become a External link opens in new tab or windowhealth care professional. Call 404-257-6029 for more information.



Cynthia Michelle reviewed Proactive Medical Training Center

"It's the best CNA school in Atlanta GA. I am so happy that I made the choice to go along with this school. Nothing but positive things to say about this school. They were very helpful, especially my instructor Mr.Steele, he was the best. He made sure that we had go it down pack, and always made sure that no one was left behind. All the staff there had great customer service skills, very polite. Anyone looking at getting their CNA's, please choose Proactive Medical."

Nancy Flud reviewed Proactive Medical Training Center

"Literally the best CNA class in Atlanta. The instructors tell you everything you need to know about the "hands-on" portion of the exam and what will help you prepare it. A lot of other schools will over book classes and not be able to reach each student......Worth it!"

Michelle Dennis reviewed Proactive Medical Training Center

"I am so glad. I came to this school. Such amazimg instructor's. You learn everything you need and they will help you every step of the way. Great jobs guys keep up the amazing work you do."

Eliott  Chavarra reviewed Proactive Medical Training Center

"I had Lamonte as my instructor and he did a wonderful job teaching everyone! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute at that place! Nurse Ryan does a very good job at greeting you and making you feel welcomed when u walk in!"

Leaih Johnas reviewed Proactive Medical Training Center

"I went to Proactive Medical Training center for CNA training a couple months ago and loved it. Ryan was awesome and made the class fun while teaching us everything we needed to know. I just took my exam a couple days ago and passed! Thank you Mr. Steele and Proactive!!! I can't wait to start working as a CNA!"

Gianna Brand reviewed Proactive Medical Training Center

"Hi guys Today I became a certified nursing assistant! I m so excited and greateful I have really been working on this for so long. I would really likme to thank the staff and exspecially my instructor Nurse Ryan for all the guidance and patience she had. I for one am forevery thankful for have meeting yal and pray that this wont be the last time. Thankyou again for the start of making my dream of becoming a nursing come true. The school is a great learning environment and I received all the knowledge that they could give. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Eddie Monsaj reviewed Proactive Medical Training Center

"Proactive Medical Training Center is hands down the best way to get your CNA license! I'm have a tough school schedule so i never had the chance to study much.. At Proactive Medical has 4 week program is perfect. They taught me everything I needed to know for the state exam in a timely manner.

Thanks to Proactive Medical Training Center, I have been employed for about a year and a half now!"

Faye Boyd:

"I was struggling from job to job. I saw an add on youtube advertising Proactive Medical Training Center

I was curious saying to myself is this a waste of time. I can possibly say It wasn't a waste of my time. I took a CNA certification course after completing the course before I took the test to  graduate I got a job offered, Thanks Proactive Medical Training Center this change my direction in life. I'm working a field where I'm helping elderly from day to day. My client and I go to church every Sunday. The staff at Proactive Medical Center gained my respect."

Larry King from Atlanta

“Really did enjoy going to Proactive Medical Training, The teachers was nice and I learn alot.”

Kathy Manigult from Georgetown SC

“I receive my certification from Proactive Medical Training Center less than 6 months. I appreciate the opportunity,, Im now certified as a patient care tech.”

Tim Johnson from Atlanta

“I got my training less than 3 months with Proactive Medical Training. I'm certified ekg”

Willie Walker

“I didnt have a high school diploma, little job experience in the healthcare profession Im a proud certified medical assistance. I'm working at the doctor's office down the street where I live.”

Bobby Moore

“I'm a proud CNA.......thumbs up Proactive Medical Training.”

Karen Lee

“I'm a single mom just got certified as phlebotomy. Less in 3 months.”

Mack Lewis From Aiken SC

“just completed online course Insurance Examiner my dream job,,,I work for myself.....”

Jackie Washington From Atlanta Ga

“just completed my CNA 4 weeks program, Im excited about my new adventure it was rough, two kids but I made it. Thanks Proactive Medical Training.”

Derrick Logan from Loganville Ga

“Just completed online course From Proactive Medical Training, I have my patient care tech certification I;m looking foward in a new career. Thanks Proactive Medical Training Center.”

Tiffiany Patterson from Columbia SC

 “just recieve my certification from Proactive Medical Training Center, EKG I'm living my dream. Im in the healthcare profession I needed another certfication ,”

Rodney wheeler from Atlanta

“I just receive my certification from Proactive Medical Training. The class was easy. The teacher was serious about me learning. It was a good experience.”