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For competent health care education in Atlanta, GA, enroll at Proactive Medical Training Center. We offer EKG technician courses and CNA certification. If you want to jumpstart a career in the health care industry, or train to be a health care professional, we have the right programs for you.


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Proactive Medical Training is an independent third party certification agency. Our main focus is to provide a unique certification for current healthcare workers or graduates who have successfully completed an approved training program. Our certificate will set you apart from other students and entry level professionals. It will provide you with the credentials necessary to enhance your professional career! With the ever growing importance of healthcare professionals, it is important that students and workers become properly certified to meet employer's expectations. That is where we come in. We are geared towards providing you with the proper certification which is a great qualification to have and is sometimes necessary in the medical field.

Proactive Medical Training is a leader in the health certification field. As a dedicated agency, we have the advantage of providing our clients with the utmost service in the field. We take pride in developing our tests utilizing the most appropriate and up to date questions in order to accurately certify healthcare graduates and workers. We have spoken and worked with health professionals around the country to help achieve our goal of becoming the best certification agency.

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Acquire all the knowledge and skills you need to become a health care professional. Prepare yourself for certification and get the assistance you need in job placement. For more information on how to enroll at our medical training center, dial 770-621-0001.