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For quality medical training in Atlanta, GA, enroll at Proactive Medical Training Center. We help students become skilled health care professionals. We provide comprehensive training on medical assistance and patient care, among others. We also have courses for aspiring EKG and phlebotomy technicians. Start your journey in the health care industry with us.

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We offer online classes. Our courses are recognized throughout the United States.

  • Patient Care Tech
  • Billing and Coding Specialist Certification

  • Electronic Help Record Specialist

  • Pharmacy Tech Certification

  • Phlebotomy Technician

  • EKG Technician Certification

  • Clinical Medical Assistant

  • Vocational Training

Become a Health Care Professional

Do you want to be a pharmacy technician or medical assistant? Be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills when you enroll in our school. We provide a wide range of courses for aspiring health care professionals. We also have easy-to-follow student manuals on various topics. Learn more about our courses and manuals by dialing 404-257-6029.